A Scheme Code Kata


Reader beware! This is a meta-creature, a post about a post about a post. By way of comp.lang.scheme, the musings of the great jao (who incidentally is the Wizard behind Geiser (which is the way to Scheme with Emacs these days)), and finally, this humble blag, I present my (straight R^5RS!) solution to the Scheme kata described in the above links:

(define (plist->alist p)
  (cond ((null? p) '())
        ((symbol? (car p))
         (cons (list (car p)
                     (gather-next-batch number? (cdr p)))
               (plist->alist (cdr p))))
        (else (plist->alist (cdr p)))))

(define (gather-next-batch pred seq)
  (cond ((null? seq) '())
        ((pred (car seq))
         (cons (car seq)
               (gather-next-batch pred (cdr seq))))
        (else '())))

(Image courtesy Mélisande* under Creative Commons license.)

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