How I Built scsh 0.7 from Github (for newbies)

The following is a short message I sent to the scsh-users mailing list. It’s archived at Gmane, but I thought I’d add it here (with minor edits) as well for the sake of redundancy since it may prove useful to someone else.

Hey fellow scshers,

Warning: Newbie info follows, real hackers need not continue reading.

I’ve managed to build scsh 0.7 on my 32-bit Fedora box, but required slight tweaking of the Makefile so that scsh could see my Scheme48 1.9 development libraries. I had to tweak the Makefile vars like so:

CC = gcc -I/usr/local/include
LIBS = -lutil -L/usr/local/lib/scheme48-1.9T
SCHEME48 = /usr/local/bin/s48

Note that I already had Scheme 1.8 installed as scheme48, so I needed to call the 1.9 executable s48. Also note that installing the development version of Scheme48 1.9 (as required by scsh 0.7) will require you to have an already installed Scheme 48 of 1.6 or above.

I probably could have done this with a few configure flags like so (I think) 1:

./configure –libdir=/usr/local/lib/scheme48-1.9T

Oh well. Posting this here if there are any mere lusers like myself hanging around.

It occurs to me that it might be nice to write up a step-by-step install guide that covers a number of systems (32- and 64-bit). I’ve got access to a 64-bit MacBook Pro; I think I’ll try that next and report back.

Best, Rich


1 I tried these configure flags and they don’t work. Use the directions for modifying the Makefile instead.

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