Edwin `dired-do-shell-command’ on files

Evaluate this code in your Edwin REPL and you’re one step closer to being able to use Edwin as your primary file manager. I’ve reimplemented the Emacs `dired-do-shell-command’ function as an Edwin command (note that it puts these definitions in the `edwin dired’ environment’):

(ge '(edwin dired))

(define (string-join xs)
  (list->string (concatenate
    (map (lambda (s) (string->list s)) xs))))

(define (shell-command-prompt prompt)
  (prompt-for-string prompt #f
                            'DEFAULT-TYPE 'INSERTED-DEFAULT
                            'HISTORY 'SHELL-COMMAND))

(define (pathname->string pathname)
  (uri->string (pathname->uri pathname)))

(define-command dired-do-shell-command
  "Run a shell command on the file or directory at the current point."
  (lambda ()
    (list (shell-command-prompt "Shell command on file: ")
  (lambda (command pathname)
    ((ref-command shell-command)
      (list command " "
            (pathname->string (dired-current-pathname)) " &")) #f)))

(define-key 'dired #\! 'dired-do-shell-command)

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