Don’t break APIs

Been using emacs long enough I guess it’s my turn to write “hey why are you breaking decades old APIs fucknuts” to emacs-devel

Shoutout to the absolute legend IMAP guy

I mean, it’s pretty uncool by today’s standards of conduct, but can relate strongly to the “you’re breaking my shit and I’m real mad about it” vibe he’s putting out there

Sadly it seems the “well you should have read the changelog” nerds have won the day and now every software product is like this: an endless treadmill of upgrades that usually don’t provide huge (or any) benefits but still require you to pay attention to them and apply some workaround to get back (if you’re lucky) to where you already were.

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I'm the author of 'Jelec: the White Bear, or, Beware an Encounter with a Raven and his Friends.' For my day job, I work as a technical writer at a software company.

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