Some AI Product Ideas

In no particular order:

Podcast AI that skips ads

Podcast AI that edits the hosts repetitive monologues down to a fucking question (on interview podcasts)

Podcast AI that notices when they’re doing a “live” episode and fixes the inevitably shitty audio

Transportation AI that lives on phone and monitors your travel speeds, elevation changes, weather, how many other passengers you usually travel with (Bluetooth?), current vehicle costs including repairs and insurance, and recommends eg “sell your 2018 Jeep and buy a 2012 Corolla”

(or even “sell your 2012 Corolla and buy an e-bike and rent a truck as needed once every 3 months” etc)

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I'm the author of 'Jelec: the White Bear, or, Beware an Encounter with a Raven and his Friends.' For my day job, I work as a technical writer at a software company.

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