Some interesting small use cases for ChatGPT / LLMs

Based on following a bunch of “AI people” on Twitter, the most interesting use cases I’ve seen so far for ChatGPT and LLMs are:

  • take a pile of notes and turn them into an outline. I think this is fine if you treat the outline as a draft outline and continue to refine it and/or move things around
  • convert data from one format to another, eg CSV to JSON, or markdown to asciidoc or whatever. This is a pretty annoying task that having computer help available for would be very nice. In fact this is probably the use case that would get me to install the Emacs extension (
  • write simple implementations of stuff you want to do in code eg “fetch this webpage and get all the links”. This kind of stuff is necessary but kind of annoying to write sometimes, and it’s also simple enough that you can edit to taste if the output code is buggy or has some other undesirable properties
  • take an outline and turn it into a rough draft of an essay. This is a little fraught since you can easily get something that is functionally indistinguishable from spam, but if you are an actual serious writer you will do edits and make it your own. This would only be a first draft to get something down on the page and get momentum

I’m sure there are many more interesting big world changing things ™ people want to do, but these are the sorts of little things I enjoy doing and will get value from having a helper for.

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I'm the author of 'Jelec: the White Bear, or, Beware an Encounter with a Raven and his Friends.' For my day job, I work as a technical writer at a software company.

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