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Applying Lean Principles to the Documentation Lifecycle


Earlier, I promised to post my notes from talks I attended at the 2014 STC Summit. This talk, by Alan Houser, was probably the most impactful of the Summit for me. The tl;dr version is simply this: Find out what your customers value, and spend your time doing that.

Below is a lightly edited version of the notes I took during the session. The content of the talk is copyright Mr. Hauser, and any errors are mine.

Big Ideas

  • Build/measure/learn
  • get out of the building
  • minimum viable product
  • pivot

How much of what we do truly provides value to the customer?

What we care about

  • deliverables
  • schedules
  • tools
  • org structure
  • office politics
  • legacy file formats

What customers care about

  • can i find it?
  • does it help me?

The Pivot

Can we, based on data, adjust what we do?

“We’ve always done it this way”.

How Companies Pivot

  • budget cuts
  • re-org
  • reduction in force

What Works?

Do That.

What Doesn’t?

Don’t Do That.

What do you measure?

  • pages?
  • topics?
  • words/topic?
  • word count of doc set
  • average word count of headings?
  • readability score?
  • hours/topic?
  • percentage of reuse?
  • revisions/time
  • customer views/topic
  • number of unique words

Do You Get Out of the Building?

What is Waste?

  • things that don’t provide customer value
  • waste time, money, resources, focus
  • (some orgs try to do too much)
  • let’s document this corner case
  • let’s adjust this formatting
  • let’s deliver a CHM file

Let It Go!

Are you continually asking: How does this provide value?

Do you pivot when your process is not aligned with customer value?

Rocky Balboa did two things in the story:

1. Transformed himself

2. Massively Exceeded Expectations

How to exceed expectations?

1. learn something new

2. try something different

3. talk to customers

4. measure something you haven’t before

(Image courtesy dirtyf under Creative Commons License)